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[Bent] Authors: Gwyllim Jahn, Andrew Wit, James Pazzi Abstract: Over the past two decades, advances in computation, digital fabrication, and robotics have opened up new avenues for the design and production of complex…

2 18 January 2020
About the Research category 1 17 January 2020
StructVR Virtual Reality Structures 1 18 January 2020
Immersive Environments for Persistent Modelling and Generative Design Strategies in an Informal Settlement 1 18 January 2020
The DigiShed: a small structure designed, fabricated and assembled with three emergent digital technologies 1 18 January 2020
Digital Rubble - Compression-Only Structures with Irregular Rock and 3D Printed Connectors 1 18 January 2020
Pop-up Factory: Mixed Reality Installation for the MakeCity 2018 Festival Berlin 1 18 January 2020
Creative Reverse Engineering: From remote sensuality to haptic metrology 1 18 January 2020