2020.1.8 - Change Log - All Devices

Release Date: 28th February 2020


  • HOLOLENS Added a Scale Compensation option. This is a per-device setting which applies a very minor adjustment to the model scale, independent of the scale of the synchronized model. This setting can be set by users to compensate for inaccuracies in the automatic device sensor tuning. This setting is applicable when accuracy is required at large distances.


  • Increased resolution and consistency of shadows
  • Improved graphics, conventions, and gestures during model placement and editing


  • IOS Resolved a crash that could occur while tracking Aruco markers
  • ANDROID Resolved an issue where some new models (including Samsung Galaxy S10 Note+) could not save recorded pictures or videos to the camera roll
  • Resolved an issue where placement QR codes including the origin could place the origin off-axis.

Known Issues

  • Only Rhino layers that are visible are included in the layers panel on startup
  • IOS ANDROID Manipulating objects with cursor based interaction may move the object unexpectedly.
  • IOS ANDROID Enabling and disabling cursor based interaction can result in cursors being inactive, and placement using cursor mode does not function.

Unsupported Features

  • Saved models: unused and hidden geometry and layers from a live session will not be saved. Saved parameters will be visible but will not affect the model.