2020.1.8 - Change Log - Rhino and Grasshopper

Release Date: 28th February 2020


  • RHINO Added an ‘Alpha’ release track to allow opt-in early updates
  • GRASSHOPPER Improved responsiveness when using auto-updating components such as Track Device and Track Markers
  • RHINO Users will only be alerted of updates when the plugin is launched, rather than loaded


  • Fixed an issue where the Fologram toolbar would not correctly update from legacy versions

Known Issues

  • RHINO Custom material types (such as Glass, Metal, Paint) are not correctly displayed in Fologram. We recommend using the ‘Custom Material’ type.
  • GRASSHOPPER DataTree modifiers (Graft, Flatten, Simplify, Reverse) icons are not visible on the Sync Object component.
  • GRASSHOPPER Some conversions from Fologram types require an explicit cast. For example, to measure the area properties of a synchronized brep it must first be plugged into a ‘Brep’ container.

Unsupported Features

  • RHINO Display modes (wireframe, shaded, rendered)
  • RHINO Sun and environment settings
  • Points, block instances, clipping planes, groups, sun
  • GRASSHOPPER Clustered Fologram components will not update the parent document