2020 - At.Studio Release

Create online exhibitions and virtual design spaces with Fologram’s at.studio


Share drawings and 3D models of art and design projects, view projects in AR, collaborate in online studio spaces and host virtual exhibitions. Get started by creating a room and inviting collaborators, uploading directly from Rhino, or publishing a .gltf model.


Web Publishing for Rhino

Use at.studio to publish unlimited drawings, images and 3D models to the web directly from Rhino, or export to GLTF from any design software and drag and drop to upload. Models are hosted for 90 days. At.studio supports:

  • Rhino materials, layers and sun settings
  • High resolution images
  • Automatic meshing with compression for fast downloads
  • Point clouds
  • Automatic model health checks and optimisation advice

Spaces for remote collaboration

Choose a url and create your own at.studio space to start sharing and discussing models.

  • Combine, edit end export collections of models
  • Share views of projects with others in your room
  • Cut plans and sections with collaborative clipping boxes
  • Create diagrams and drawings with edge outlines
  • Create sketches with collaborative whiteboards
  • Live studio chat to leave comments and feedback on projects
  • Track timestamped uploads and design changes over time

Simple presentation tools

Create and share custom web portfolios of individual projects, featured galleries or all models produced by your team.

  • View models in AR on supported iOS and Android devices
  • Add images, pdfs and embedded videos to projects
  • Create slideshows and animations
  • Add slide captions to link to other web content
  • Simple controls for viewing fly-throughs on mobile devices