Abdullah Tahseen_Task 1

Hey @Abdullahtahseen

I’m a big fan of Richard Sweeney’s sculptures and have often though about how you could create similar effects from other fabrication systems and mixed reality instructions. The steampunk pavilion was one (relatively clumsy) attempt at this.

A few questions come to mind from looking at your design proposal:

  1. Would it be possible to create the fluid effect you are interested in at the scale of the overall prototype, while allowing the individual parts to be far less controlled (like the antony gormley precedent)?
  2. The simplicity of the pinned joint system allows you to tack and form material in-situ. What types of forming processes do you think would lend themselves well to this process? I think it might be very difficult to form these kinds of curves in-situ (they would need to be prefabricated individually and then assembled).