About the Examples category

Example models and definitions built with Fologram.

This is a moderated category for sharing and discussing example apps built with Fologram. Use this category to find resources and basic tools for getting started with Fologram:

Controlling grasshopper parameters in mixed reality
Building simple modelling applications
Building multiplayer applications
Tracking devices and hands in mixed reality
Switching between states in grasshopper apps

You can also find tools used in our published videos, workshops and projects, or demonstrations of how to integrate Fologram with the existing ecosystem of Grasshopper plugins like Kangaroo, Karamba or Kuka PRC.

We carefully maintain each of these examples to ensure they are relevant and up to date. Have a great example you’ve used in your teaching materials and want to share it with the community? Post it in #rhino-and-grasshopper and we can decide whether to add it here.