Alignment problem

hi, as mentioned in the youtube live chat: i use iPhone 11 pro - when i snap my model to the QR code, the grid of the model is rotated 45 degrees to the marker axis. how can i solve this? thx

Hi Renate!

Yes, saw your problem on the chat. A few things to double check:

  • Are you using the Origin marker provided from the Community forum?
  • If you are, have you printed it off at A4 without scaling (if the print option has selected ‘shrink to fit’ this can affect the accuracy of the snapping)
  • Have you tried restarting the application

Let me know if you’re still having issues after that and we can hopefully get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Hi Sean,
i used the provided file “QR-Origin Code.pdf” from the forum and printed it in A4 without scaling! then i measured the printout: it is 190mm instead of 180mm? that seems wrong? - allthough i doubble checked to print it without scaling!

Hi Sean even i was facing the same issue yesterday.
Mobile device : Iphone 11 Pro
IOS version : 13.5.1

Hi @Renate and @Daghajay, I’ve taken a closer look and it seems like there’s a bit of missing information on the QR code I’ve uploaded for you. Try this one here, it should solve your issue: QR-OriginQR.pdf (103.1 KB)


Hi @Sean yes it working now :smiley:

yes, thanks! works now!