Artillion studio wins North Sydney Art Prize

Geoff Farquhar-Still from Artillion Studio won the North Sydney Art Prize for his piece Where To Begin. The sculpture was fabricated from hundreds of hand bent steel components, each using a holographic template to precisely describe the curvature and location of the part within the larger structure. Although the design is generated procedurally from a parametric model and the geometry of each part is exact, the approach here is similar to our work with Rapid fabrication of complex steel structures in so far as the holographic model provides a reference to the intent of the designer, and the design itself is accommodating of wide tolerances in the precision of each part. This allows the fabricator to make intuitive design decisions while crafting the object, such as determining when to move a part or change the sequence in which parts are assembled.

You can hear Geoff from Artillion Studio talk about the project here: