Aruco Marker Download

Fologram_Markers_4x4_100_Cubes.pdf (178.4 KB)
Fologram_Markers_4x4_100_60mm.pdf (370.1 KB)
Fologram_Markers_4x4_100_30mm (3).pdf (482.0 KB)

Please click the attachments to download a PDF containing the Aruco cubes and tracking markers. 45mm (60mm total) is the recommended size, but 22.5mm (30mm total) markers are also provided. Upscaling during plotting can be used to alter the size.

An A3 template is also provided for creating marker strips of 45mm markers with 7.5mm padding. These should be cut into 4 strips and assembled with consistent 7.5mm spacing.

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These links arent working for me. Thanks

Weird, thanks for letting me know mathias. Will reupload tomorrow- in the meantime you should be able to use an online aruco marker generator

It seems to be a permission issue?

# Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Hey Mathias,

I had taken down the page where these links were hosted. They should be working now!