Audio in Fologram?

Is there a way to have sound stream through Fologram when a Rhino model is viewed in it?

I’m hoping to have some audio play when the model I’ve rendered in Rhino shows up via Fologram, but I’m not sure if that’s something that can happen. If that’s not possible via Fologram, do you know of any AR alternatives?

Hi @srd

It’s definitely possible to play audio in Rhino / Grasshopper and trigger when this audio plays with Fologram. Note that your laptop is the device that actually plays the audio in this case.

Play Sounds With (10.8 KB)
WAV Files used in the example: Playing Sounds With Fologram - Google Drive

how exactly does the wav. file get input into grasshopper? Is it within the C# script editor? (I’m seeing that the sound file needs to be present in Line 1, but I’m not sure how to do that…). Thank you!

You can specify the path to your wav file by right clicking the path component and choosing set one file

Thank you so much! I think this should be my last question. I got the wav file in there perfectly, but I was curious about how to make the “button” toggle between “play” and “pause” – currently it just continues to play, and when I press the button it seems to pause briefly and rewind a few seconds.

There are a few different examples in the file. The top example should work when you press the button (play one time). The other example will play when you change a slider value.