Augment a physical tool with a holographic overlay with Fologram in these 5 simple steps

Get the example: 2.22_Drill with Aruco (14.3 KB)

Learn how to precisely overlay physical objects with holographic information in augmented reality with this guide. If you’re a fabricator looking to use Fologram to overlay holograms to your tools or equipment, these 5 simple steps will teach you the basics through holographic alignment with a drill:

  1. Create an attachment for your drill to locate and fasten an Aruco tracking marker
  2. Turn ‘Aruco Marker Tracking’ on in your device and connect it your PC
  3. In your device, interactively drag the red sphere to the tip of your drill piece and the white sphere to the start of drill piece until the line aligns in physical space
  4. With the Aruco marker clearly in view, open the Parameters tab, tap the ‘Set Tool Vector’ button and toggle off the ‘Edit Tool Vector’
  5. Move your drill around in physical space. The augmented end piece should follow your drill’s direction as it moves

If this is your first time using Aruco markers, check out our article ’ The 3 best ways to track live geometry in mixed reality with Fologram’ to learn the basics of live tracking with Fologram. This example works by saving the vector created by these two spheres and aligning its position to the Aruco marker tracked live in space with your device. If you’re having misalignment with your tool, try moving the spheres in Edit Tool Vector mode to realign.

Want to learn more about aligning physical objects in space? Check out our article ‘This super simple feedback tool helps you digitize physical strip objects in augmented reality with Fologram.’ to learn more!