Beginner: Assign Material Component

Materials can be assigned directly inside any Sync Object component through the Object Properties. In some scenarios however, there is a need to assign materials parametrically.

Sync Material & Assign Material
Whenever there is a requirement to parametrically assign a material to a Synchronised Object (for example, when there are multiple materials for multiple objects, or custom made materials in grasshopper), the Assign Material component can be used in conjunction with the Sync Material component. The Assign Material component takes any Synchronized Geometry inputs and overrides their previous material properties with a Synchronized Material.

Get Rhino Material
Rhino materials can also be copied from geometries referenced into Grasshopper and applied to any Sync Object component using the Get Rhino Material component in Fologram.

Example File:
In this example, a Sync Object component’s material is overridden with the Assign Material component using a custom grasshopper material in the first example, and a referenced Rhino material in the second:
1.07 Assign (717.3 KB)