Beginner: Creating interactive geometries in Grasshopper

Geometry streamed from the Rhino document to Fologram can be moved, rotated and scaled interactively. By default, any synchronized geometry sent from Grasshopper to Fologram will not be interactive.

Turn on Interactivity
To turn on interactivity in a synchronized object, right click on the icon of the ‘Sync Object’ component in your grasshopper document to bring up its properties. The component will give you two options for interactivity: moveable and clickable.

Moveable geometries
Moveable geometries can be manipulated with movement, rotation and scale gestures live from your Fologram device. Any interaction on your device will update live in your Sync Object component.

Clickable geometries
By default, geometry in the Sync Object component will not detect any interactions from your device. Clickable geometries cannot be moved or manipulated, but can detect clicks from your device. This is incredibly useful when you are creating apps with buttons or geometries you are recording interactions on. Check out this article for an application using clickable geometries to draw an urban massing model.

Parametric Associations
Once an interactive object has been manipulated in Fologram, it will update in grasshopper, and create a dashed line in the grasshopper document between the ‘Sync Object’ component and its input geometry. This dashed line indicates that the interactive object shares a parametric association with any grasshopper components that affect its input geometry.

Think of the ‘Sync Object’ component as a transformation of the input geometry. If the input geometry is updated by any components in the grasshopper definition, this will break the relationship with the ‘Sync Object’, and the transformation will be reset. It is important to be aware of these parametric associations when building definitions to avoid accidentally resetting the ‘Sync Object’ component.

Example file:
In this example, a ‘Sync Object’ component’s ‘Movebale’ property is turned on to enable interactivity in Fologram. 1.02 Syncing Interactive (3.6 KB)