Beginner: Hand Tracking with the HoloLens 2

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 supports hand tracking of up to 25 joints in the human hand, which can allow for a variety of different gestures and interactions. Fologram’s tracking tools send these joint locations back to grasshopper and enable the live capturing of any hand tracking from a HL2 device. These locations are represented as points in space as a data tree with two branches (one for each hand).

To see a fun example of this in practice, check out this article using hand tracking to view jewelry on your hands in the HoloLens with Fologram.

Example File:
This example file takes all Connected Devices and connects them to a Track Hands and Track Device component. The outputs in grasshopper show the location in 3D space of the user’s headset and their hands.
1.12 Track (2.8 KB)