Beginner: Synchronizing geometry in Grasshopper

Unlike Rhino geometry, Grasshopper geometry previewed in the Rhino window will not automatically appear on devices using Fologram. The ‘Sync Object’ component in Fologram for grasshopper synchronizes grasshopper previews with Fologram without baking geometry into the Rhino document.

Geometry Types
‘Sync Object’ contains one input and one output. The input supports all Curve, Surface, Brep and Mesh geometry types. The output is the ‘Synchronized Object’ being streamed to Fologram.

Changing Object Properties
Right clicking on the ‘Sync Object’ icon will bring up Properties of the object, which gives control over the object name, interactivity in Fologram, material properties, preview size for any curve geometries, occlusions and outlines.

Sync Object in the Fologram Layers Menu
The layers menu in Fologram on the HoloLens or iOS/Android device will display a ‘Grasshopper’ layer, with sub layers for any geometry using the ‘Sync Object’ component. This geometry can be turned on or off or locked in your device viewport. The name of this layer will correspond to the ‘Sync Object’ component name.

Example File:
In this example, a Mesh Sphere is sent to Fologram through a ‘Sync Object’ component.
1.01 Syncing (2.9 KB)