Beginner: Track 3D Environment Scan

All AR mobile devices compatible with Fologram have the ability to track surfaces in their immediate surroundings (this information is used to locate and place objects in physical space). This information can be captured and visualized in Grasshopper with Fologram’s ‘Track Scan’ component.

On HoloLens devices
The spatial mesh captured by any HoloLens device represents a low resolution scan of the immediate physical objects immediately surrounding the device. This geometry can be captured as a Mesh inside grasshopper.

On mobile devices
The spatial mesh created by a mobile device will be much simpler than that of the HoloLens due to less sophisticated tracking tools. The mobile devices look for flat surfaces to track, and these flat surfaces can be captured in the Track Scan component.

Example File:
This example file simply reads the spatial mesh information related to any connected device and visualizes the data in as a preview mesh in Rhino.
1.15 Track (3.3 KB)