Beginner: Tracking with Aruco Markers & QR codes

AR devices running Fologram are able to track the location in space of Aruco markers, Aruco Cubes and QR codes. This is especially helpful in tasks that require fast but accurate digitized data of physical objects.

Aruco Marker, Aruco Cube and QR Code templates compatible with Fologram can be found here. These templates can be printed off at scale and used to track on any AR Fologram device.

Enabling marker tracking in a device
To track markers from a Fologram device, tracking must be enabled in each device. To enable marker tracking, navigate to the Settings menu of any device and toggle on either ‘Aruco Marker Tracking’ or ‘QR Code Tracking’.

Track Markers component
The Track Markers component in grasshopper tracks the location of a marker as either a plane or point in space (or if using an Aruco Cube, a box can be tracked). These markers can be tracked live with geometry attached, or can be repurposed to only activate when a certain state is activated in a device (eg. a Hold gesture or a Drag gesture)

Example File:
This example file attached a coloured box to a tracked Aruco Marker whenever a Press state is recognized. The device location is also tracked with respect to the marker location.
1.13 Track (5.4 KB)