Beginner: Using interactive objects as parameters in Grasshopper

Curve, Surface, Brep and Mesh geometries all retain their functionality with other components, which means the output of a ‘Sync Object’ can be used like any other Grasshopper geometry container. Interactive objects can be used as parameters for other components in a Grasshopper definition. Any manipulations in Folgoram to an interactive component can be used to affect relationships elsewhere in a definition.

Example file:
In this example, a Mesh Sphere is synchronized as an interactive component, and it’s centroid is calculated using an Area component. This centroid is used to create parametric relationships with a second larger sphere in Grasshopper, which is synchronized in Fologram but not interactive. Whenever the interactive Mesh Sphere is moved in Fologram, the centroid updates the location of the second Mesh Sphere.
Using interactive objects as parameters in (6.9 KB)