Brep as a button

Id like to know how to use a brep like a button so when I click on it i get a quick jump between true and false in gh.

any suggestions are appreciated

This way I can use breps to trigger track states for resetting global variables without going to the menu. so far the closet I have come is to use the “allow empty clicks” option and click off the button but its not the best solution…

Thanks in advance (26.7 KB)

Hey Ethan,

Here are a couple of examples showing how to use the Track Taps (on objects) component along with state gates (or the flip flop component) to create various effects. Try these out and then let me know if you can’t adapt them to what you’re trying to build and we can work out a definition together.

Orient To (19.2 KB)

Also - here is the quick sketch of orienting to QR codes. I haven’t tested this one out, so let me know if it behaves weirdly. You will need to use a QR code generator (e.g. to create a QR containing “UI” (without the quotes) as the data.