Camera Flickering Green when Using Phone

I recently got the subscription for my phone but whenever I connect the phone to my rhino/grasshopper model and try to locate a flat surface to use, my phone screen will flicker green. The rhino model is visible through my phone but if I reach out my hand or try to view my surroundings with my camera the flickering will block everything that isn’t digital.
I’ve tried updating my phone, updating the app, restarting my phone, powering it down for a couple hours, and charging it from a dead battery, but there hasn’t been any change.
I can use the camera features with no problems when I’m not using the Fologram app but when I connect I can’t see anything in the room other than my model and the green flickering display.
To note: I don’t run into the same issues if I use a tablet or a different device, but my phone is the device that has the subscription that lets me use more than 3 parameters in my model.

Does anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it?

Hi @rrrobin_8 thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve encounted something similar before on older ARCore based devices. Could you let me know the make and model of your phone?

Regarding the subscription, app purchases are typically tied to accounts rather than devices (Google Play accounts or Apple IDs) - and I would expect them to transfer across devices. Could you let me know if this is not the case and we’ll work something out.


Hi @Cam no worries thank you so much for getting back to me!
The phone I’m using is a Samsung Galaxy S8+, when I first used the program I didn’t run into any issues but when I used it recently I ran into the display flickering. Surprisingly if I hit the record button, it will stop for the duration of the video but after I stop recording it will either resume with the flickering or freeze.

I’m also using an iPad to help with documenting some of the work I’m doing, it’s mainly there to record my process from start to finish and I’ve been trying to use my phone to track my model and control the parameters. I don’t mind getting a separate subscription for the iPad (I’m not sure how to transfer or extend the purchase from the google play store to the apple app store) but, I think I really wouldn’t want to swap the roles of the devices for my experiment, only because the iPad is a bit hard to carry in one hand and control my grasshopper parameters compared to my phone.

Hi @rrrobin_8 thanks for the update - particularly the note about the record function as this will help us to diagnose the issue. Does it also occur before connecting to Rhino (when at the QR search screen) or only while a model is loaded?

We’ll investigate the issue and see if we can reproduce on any of our devices. If so we’ll be able resolve it in and release an update, but this may take some time. If we’re not able to reproduce it, I’ll get in touch again and request some further information.


Hi @rrrobin_8

Regarding using your subscription: You will be able to access your subscription on any device that is signed in to your App Store or Play Store account. Unfortunately since these subscriptions are handled by Apple and Google they are not transferrable between iOS and Android devices.

To rectify this I’ve sent you a promo code by private message for a Fologram for Mobile subscription on iOS, you should be able to redeem this and access all of the features on iPad.

Hi Cam, sorry for getting back to you so slow! I took a pause and ran some experiments on a different device for a while.
My current phone still has the issue with the camera. The problem does not occur before connecting to the rhino model but the problem still occurs when I do not connect to my rhino and use an existing model from the app. When I do connect to my Rhino and load my model using QR code, the screen will also flicker and wont read the QR code.
I tried loading up an existing saved model from the app without connecting it to rhino (Villa Savoye) and I noticed the flickering will start when finding a surface to place the object on and will continue to flicker afterwards.
When looking around, the camera operates fine, but when I point the camera at the model the screen will start flickering. The only other time it does not occur is when I start recording immediately after connecting to rhino, but when I end recording, the app will freeze and the video wont save.
Is there a way to send a short screen capture video of the screen flickering issue?
Many thanks!

Hi @rrrobin_8 thanks for that. It sounds like when the frame rate reduces it all it’s flickering instead of rendering the camera feed, which would explain why it works OK when not looking at the model.

Could you capture a screen recording (might need to use a 3rd party app) and email it to