Camera tracking with mobile phone

Not really a project, rather an experiment.
But I just made a project where we attach the mobile phone to a bigger camera to track and record it’s movement.
Then we can use that data for post production for film making.

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Awesome video and explanation @tomo8177. How does the video capture compare side by side to the rendered animation path (in I think what looks like Octane?). Are you finding the shots near identical, or are there slight variation between the two?

Thank you @Sean
the obtained path(s) are very accurate, and i can say it was identical to the video footage.

but it is only true when you get everything right, and you need to do a few things and trials before you get everything right.

  1. you need to choose the clean environment. it doesn’t work if the background is constantly changing, or the scene was too dark or too bright, or has too strong of a brightness contrast.
  2. fixing the mobile device perfectly aligned to the main camera is actually impossible anyway. so you are gonna have to render the CGI part bigger and crop it later to fit to the actual frame.

in my case the device track component was able to update its data about 10 times per second, which was good enough to get the good result with the speed i was moving.
i don’t know how it will vary depending on the system, network, and mobile device power, etc.

i kept doing some more experiment today, and it is improving in terms of the accuracy.
so i feel very confident that it is practical to be used in the real production.

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That’s sounds fantastic - I might give the workflow a try myself. Post an update when you’ve developed it further for production, I’d love to see it used on a production!

Very cool idea and experiment!

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Great video! Very informative