Cannot connect HoloLens and Rhino for the first time


We followed your instructions step by step but cannot connect Fologram on HoloLens 2 to Fologram for Rhino for the first time.
We also tried this and changed the setting of the firewall but it didn’t work.
We still get this error message

We hope to get some technical support to solve this issue as soon as possible because we want to use Fologram for our current project.

Thank you.

Hi @nguyen.van
Thanks for getting in touch. Could you tell me a little about your setup to help diagnose the issue?

  1. Are you using a private or company/institution owned computer?
  2. Are you using a private or company/institution (domain) network?
  3. Is your computer connected to a wired or wireless network?
  4. Have you connected any other devices to Fologram before (mobile devices, etc.) - if so, what was the computer/device/network configuration at the time?
  5. Have you tried using a personal hotspot and connecting both your computer and HoloLens to it?
  6. Are you able to access device portal on your HoloLens over WiFi?

If you’d prefer, you can send this information to and we can continue the discussion there.