Checking Out a Fologram for Hololens license for offline use

Fologram’s licensing system needs and active internet connection to validate if there is a spare seat available for use. In cases were you will be using the device in an area with no internet connection, or you want to reserve a seat for exclusive use for a particular headset, then you will want to ‘Check Out’ a license.

This provides 30 days of offline use before the headset will need to be connected to the internet to re check in (after which you can again check out the license).

Note: Checking Out a license removes a seat from the active subscription pool, and no one else will be able to use that license whilst it is checked out, even if the headset with the checked out seat is not online.

To Check Out a license:

  1. Launch Fologram on the Hololens:

  2. Open the main menu and select ’ Settings ':

  3. Select ’ Account Management ':

  4. Select ’ Check Out License ':

  5. You will now see the status of your license, and how many days remaining until it needs to be checked back in. To Check In a license simply click on the ’ Check In License ’ button on this screen.