Clay Sculpting with the Fologram Mobile app in the Secret Whispers Workshop

“Secret Whispers & Transmogrifications” is a workshop organised as part of Digital FUTURES 2020, and was run by Dr. Kristof Crolla, Garvin Goepel, Keung Shing Fung, Adwin, Chan Tsz Sun, Ovan from CUHK. A set of fourteen digital sculptures were altered guided by holographic instructions from augmented reality applications on their smartphone.

Using Fologram, a custom AR application was developed that linked mobile or tablet devices to a digital working environment. This application produced holographic guides for the participants that were directly overlaid onto the analogue sculpture during the sculpting process. Sequences of silhouettes and contours were extracted in real-time from the linked digital sculpture and placed atop the analogue clay model. What’s really exciting to see is the instruction set overlaid to fabricate geometries of a more continuous nature in AR with Fologram. You can read more about this workshop here.