Compatible Tablet - to use Fologram


I am looking for a tablet which is compatible with Fologram (so I can use it to generate 3d model, in my room while looking though the tables, as is the case with my phone).

In the page: I see a list with tables.
Just to understand correctly:

  1. Are all tablets named in the table compatible with fologram?

  2. What does it mean (or what is the limitation), if it is not mentioned that: ‘Supports Depth API’

  3. e.g. tab A7 and A8 are they fully compatible with fologram? or what limitations do they have?

Many thanks!

Hi @knippie5

Any of the devices on this list will run Fologram fine, regardless of whether Depth API support is listed or not. So the A7 and A8 will both work.

The Depth API refers to features for occluding virtual objects using the estimated depth map of the space. 깊이가 현실감을 더함  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers This isn’t implemented in Fologram and so shouldn’t affect things at all.

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