Control an augmented reality robot with Fologram’s amazingly simple computer vision tools

Get the example: 2.34_Robotic Aruco (15.6 KB)
Get the Robots plugin:

Learn how to gain real time control over your robot’s location in physical space with Fologram’s tracking tools and the Robots plugin for grasshopper. This is a great example for intermediate users of Fologram with experience programming robots.

Robots are generally programmed with rigid toolpaths that move from A to B. This tool makes us of the intuitive nature of mixed reality and allows real time control over your programmed robot with simple computer vision tools.

This example records the locations of any Aruco markers in physical space when a connected device is pressed, and allows you to move your robot by selecting the synchronized ‘Run Simulation’ parameter on your device. Your robot will update live in AR.

Want to learn about other robotics applications in augmented reality? Check out our article ‘Want to preview your robot’s toolpath in AR? This example simulates your robot’s movements in with Fologram’ to visualize your programmed robotic toolpaths, or watch the video from Fologram’s AR/robotics workshop at Robarch in 2018.