Create and customize your own parametric tower model in an urban context with augmented reality

Get the example: (551.3 KB)

Take parametric control over this urban tower and control the form, openings, material and more with Fologram’s interactive AR tools. This example is perfect for intermediate users of grasshopper looking for ways to create parametric design relationships controlled entirely through an AR device.

Augmented reality presentation tools allow for more engaging virtual presentation experiences, and this example is a perfect demonstration of an interactive presentation that allows any user connected to a Fologram session to interact and influence the design outcome of a parametric tower model.

The example is based on a simple attractor point algorithm commonly found in grasshopper that allows a user to control a sphere in AR to change the size of a series of perforated openings on a tower facade in urban context. The example also allows users to manipulate the number of openings, the form of the tower and the materiality displayed in the device.

This example was demonstrated in the ‘Introduction to Fologram & Grasshopper’ webinar - find out more about this webinar here.