Create Interactive AR Field Simulations and add Outline Displays in Fologram

Get the example: (15.3 KB)

This tool lets you create amazing 3D field simulations in augmented reality with your mobile device position and use Fologram’s Outlines tool to enhance the presentation of your AR model. This tool is perfect if you’re looking for different ways to use your device as an input parameter to your grasshopper model and want to learn more about Fologram’s presentation tools.

Field simulations in Grasshopper are notoriously hard to control in 3D space. Spin forces can create amazing swirling geometries, but the process of creating individual planes and controlling their orientation in grasshopper is tedious and counter intuitive. This example uses any connected mobile device and creates a Spin Force at the plane of the device when the screen is pressed, which makes the plane creation of each spin force easy to control.

This grasshopper example records the plane location of a connected device whenever the device is pressed. The planes become the input for a Spin Force in a field simulation which generates a series of curves that are mesh piped. The meshes are sent to Fologram with the ‘Outlines’ option enabled, which enables outline displays on the geometry in the device. The planes can be reset and the bounding box for the simulation toggles on or off.

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