Curved surface in GH --> not curved in fologram


I got a question regarding presenting curved surfaces in Fologram.
When a curved surface is modeled in Grasshopper and present it to Fologram, the ‘curve’ is converted into a straight (line)surface.

Do you know how I can convert the curved surface in Grasshopper so it can be loaded into fologram as curved?
I tried something with a mesh but did not succeed yet.

2020-09-06 Curved (3.2 KB) ?


See GH file attached.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @knippie5

Fologram uses the default mesh parameters in Rhino to create a mesh of your object that can be streamed and rendered on your mobile phone / hololens. It looks like for this object these parameters are creating a very low res mesh of this object. The easiest way to solve this issue is by meshing your object in grasshopper before streaming it. You can use the MeshBrep component with custom settings to control exactly how detailed your mesh will be.

Thank you!
it works :slight_smile:

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