Design an augmented reality tower with Fologram

Get the example: (13.5 KB)

This example shows how to set up a parametric model of a twisting tower for design review in mixed reality, and is well suited to those just beginning to learn grasshopper and Fologram. You can use the example to create simple presentations of tower designs, though it can easily be adapted to just about any concept.

The example works by synchronizing the design parameters of the model (tower height, floors, twist etc) with the Parameters panel in Fologram so they can be controlled on mobile phones or the HoloLens. We’ve used the ability to interact with grasshopper geometry to use the position of a sphere to control how much each floor rotates. Now you can design like MAD Architects.

Like this example? Try using the sphere position to control other parameters in the definition, or with a different concept design model. For more attractor applications in augmented reality, check out our article ‘How to create an amazing facade pattern in augmented reality with Fologram’ to learn more.