DF 2020 - Day 02 Design Task and at.studio

We’ve provided a few ready-made examples of projects that could be fabricated in mixed reality but these examples aren’t necessarily ready to build out of the box. The timber strip example in particular has a bunch of strips that are just floating in space, and we thought it might be a novel design challenge to develop a system for joining them together for fabrication. Once you have modelled your joints, you should upload your design along with some diagrams explaining your idea for how it could be assembled in mixed reality to at.studio/digitalfutures. We will then discuss your ideas during the final session of the workshop.

Depending on your grasshopper experience you could take one of the following approaches to this task:

No grasshopper experience: Try baking a few of the timber strips and then modelling joints in Rhino. These joints could be anything from folded steel, to dowelled joints, to a framing system, to cast parts - it is up to you.

Beginner grasshopper: Try looking for grasshopper tutorials that draw connecting lines between curves (e.g. by proximity). You could then use the center lines of the strips as the input to one of these definitions to generate some connecting geometry. You might want to think about what these connecting parts are and how they join to the timber.

Intermediate grasshopper: Try thinking about how you could use the strip surface to define the specific geometry of a part that connects two strips. It could be as simple as a pipe with two face plates that pick up on the exact orientation of the connecting surfaces, or perhaps you could try developing a waffle-grid style structure that could hold the strips in place.

Expert grasshopper: Try thinking about how your joints would be actually fabricated. What are some of the constraints? Could you rationalize the joints into a small number of similar parts? Or can you begin to set up a fabrication tool to help with their fabrication? Try taking a look at the examples on the forum #rhino-and-grasshopper:examples for ideas for where to start.

I had this issue earlier… I wonder if it is because too many people might have tried to submit something? IDK… I ended up exporting as GLT/GLB and uploading it that way. The Wood texture was not included though… I wonder if exporting that way was the reason for it?

-Juan Cantu

Hey Juan,

Check at.studio/troubleshooting - you will need to export your model to .glb then drag and drop onto at.studio/upload to publish.