DF2020 Day 04 Zoom link for presentations and discussion

Hi Everyone,

We will switch over to zoom for the second half of the last session on Thursday in order to discuss the workshop and a few projects / explorations in at.studio.

A link for the meeting is here: https://zoom.us/j/95440086625
At.studio room: https://at.studio/digitalfutures


Sorry i forgot to ask this question in the discussion session yesterday. I just wondering how you analyze the bending part of the timber on the steampunk pavillion by grasshopper and display it on fologram. Thankyou !!!

Hey Natashia,

No worries, glad you asked on the forum. The definition for this part is actually pretty simple - I’ve attached it so you can take a look.

Unroll Strip and Display Curvature.gh (34.4 KB)

This tool is used to unroll and visualize the curvature of the strips in the design.

Generating the strips themselves is far more complex, as you need to digitally simulate the material behaviour (bending and twisting) during forming as precisely as possible in order to model the connecting steel brackets.

Cool. Thank you so much Gwyll !!