Did you know you can work with attractor points in mixed reality?

Get the example: 2.01_MixedReality_AttractorPoints.gh (9.5 KB)

Create a fading pattern on any grid in grasshopper with simple materials applications in Fologram. This simple example is perfect for beginner grasshopper users wanting to learn the basics of Fologram, and can be used as a template to experiment with interactive attractors in mixed reality to affect geometry materials, scale, rotation and more.

This example creates a parametric relationship between the transparency of the grid outlines and an interactive sphere as it is moved in mixed reality. Cell sizes and quantity of the grid are synchronized to give you full control in Fologram.

Like this example? Try using the sphere position to control other parameters in the definition, or with different patterns. Check out our article ‘Design an augmented reality tower with Fologram’ example to learn more