Discover how to make your own measuring tape tool in mixed reality

Get the example: [ (25.1 KB)

Leave your tape at home and learn how to create your own measuring tape tool in mixed reality with this simple grasshopper example. This example is perfect for quick on site dimensions and small scale measurements, and can be easily understood by those just beginning to learn grasshopper and Fologram.

The example works by tracking hand/device/touch rays during taps and drags. Tap to set the point to measure from, then drag to the next point. You can also enable cursors on your mobile device from the settings menu to use your device orientation to set the points, though you will still need to drag a small amount on the screen to begin measuring. Text size is synchronised as a parameter and can be controlled for any scale.

Like this example? Try measuring some objects around your office, or check out how to augment real tools with out article ‘Augment a physical tool with a holographic overlay with Fologram in these 5 simple steps’ to learn more.