Draft plans at 1:1 and trace physical objects with this simple mixed reality drawing tool

Get the simple example: 2.08_DrawPolyline_simple.gh (6.0 KB)

Get the advanced example with a mixed reality interface: 2.13_DrawPolylineWithInterface.gh (10.2 KB)

Creating a tool for drawing in space is easy with Fologram, and once you’ve mastered the basics you can begin building more useful design tools by adding a mixed reality interface. If you’re a Grasshopper beginner, start with the simple example and return to the advanced tool once you’ve built up a bit of confidence.

The example works by tracking multiple clicks from your device on a plane, drawing a polyline through the collection of points stored using Global Variables and synchronizing the geometry with Fologram.

The interface is made up of a series of synchronized grasshopper components. A synchronized ‘Reset’ button clears the control points when pressed, a ‘Plane’ value list controls which plane the application is currently drawing on, and a ‘Close Polyline’ boolean toggle turns off the close/open function in the Polyline component.

Like this example? Try measuring drawing some curves in your mixed reality device and using the interface in the ‘parameters’ tab to control your outcome, or apply this tool to a more advanced example with our ‘The best way to create an interactive urban massing model in mixed reality’ article to learn more.