Drift with Hololens

Good afternoon,

I would like to use Fologram and we are currently testing its use in our company.
We need a high accuracy in the representation of elements with fologram.

Today I made the attempt to display a file using QR code. The file is about 4m high and 2m wide.
The zero point is at the bottom left.
As soon as I move, I have a drift and the zero point is no longer where it was before.

Do you have a tip how I can minimize the drift? I was perhaps thinking of working with a second QR code and placing it on the bottom right side.
But how can I scan the second QR-Code with the hololens?

I am testing this with a Hololens 1 but I also have the Hololens 2 available. Is there any experience regarding accuracy here?

I made a PDF File with some images from my test but i can not upload it…

Maybe someone can help me. Thank you very much and greetings from Germany.

Hi @Newman, welcome to the Fologram Community forum! I recently posted an article on how to use multiple QR codes and reduce drift from the HoloLens when using Fologram. You can find a link the the article here.

I’ve also sent you a PM to discuss further as it would be great to hear more about the projects you’re trying to use Fologram for.