Error in Kuka Robot grasshopper script simulation

Hello, I hope everyone in Fologram is staying safe, healthy and positive during this crazy time !!

So I’m testing the “robotic toolpath preview Gh script” from the website and though I have downloaded the needed files from github and I can see the robot and the toolpath, there are two errors that pop-up in component " create program" and they are " errors in program " and " warning in program " but I’m not sure from what they are ?

Hi @ferasn - hope you’re safe and well also! The errors you are experiencing can actually be found in the output of the ‘Create Program’ component and the ‘Program simulation’ component of the Robots plugin. Essentially the errors you might receive include the following:

  • The toolpath/curve you are trying to run the robot through is out of the robot’s arm reach (and therefore the simulation can’t run in real life!)
  • The rotation axis of the joints on the robots arm can’t twist in a way to simulate the toolpath you have created

You could perhaps solve these issues with a smaller or less complex toolpath. Try this example file: 2.32_Robotic Toolpath (12.8 KB) - it’s the same as the forum post but with a simple polyline to demo the plugin working correctly.
The robots plugin you’re using in that example is an open source plugin available on Github (not by Fologram) - you can find a link here if you want more info on the plugin itself. Hope that helps!

Hi @Sean thanks for the reply, and yeah I later figured out that the problem was the rotation axis of the robot to follow the toolpath as changing from a Kuka Kr6 to Kuka Kr60 meant the reach and movement would be different, the toolpath needed to be updated to reflect it .
Though my file and the one you sent me work fine now and the path can be simulated when changing the slider, I still get a " warning in program " any ideas if that will be a problem later on ?

Hey @ferasn whether the warning is anything to be concerned about depends on what the warning is. I think sometimes the Robots plugin throws a warning when the user hasn’t specified things like tool geometry, zone parameters etc. I would just take a look at what the error is in a bit more detail.

How is the simulation going?