Failure to Connect Rhino to Fologram

Hello all,

I’ve been using fologram for a few months now for a university course, and until this point, there has been no issue connecting the two. My devices are both on the same wifi network, and I’ve made sure that newfound firewalls were not the issue at hand. It may be worth noting that my phone auto-updated to iOS 14 last week on its own, and I do not see any notes on the forum about compatibility issues with this update. There are not any significant error codes or messages that I have to post - I’ve made sure the app has access to my camera and network in privacy settings, and have restarted the app and both of my devices multiple times over now, with attempts on a few days in this past week.

I appreciate any response/help.


Hi @stone

Sounds frustrating. We haven’t made any changes to the app so we will need some more information to try to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Can you please submit a support ticket both from the Fologram for Rhino plugin and from the Fologram for Mobile App? This will give us a print out of the device logs that we can use to see if there are obvious networking issues.

If you haven’t already tried this, make sure you completely disable any third party security software (McAfee) etc.

It would also be good to try connecting your phone to other PCs running Rhino, and connecting a different phone to your PC. This would help diagnose whether the issue is your laptop or the mobile.


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