Fologram 2020.1 Release

Upcoming in 2020.1 Release (February 15th 2020):

The 2020.1 Release includes updates for Fologram for HoloLens, Fologram for Mobile and Fologram for Rhino and Grasshopper.

2020.1 is a Major release and introduces breaking changes. Grasshopper definitions built with earlier releases of Fologram will not be compatible with 2020.1 or subsequent releases, and contains the following features, changes and updates:

New Platform Support:

  • HoloLens 2
  • ARCore compatible Android devices
  • ARKit compatible iOS devices

Development Tools:

  • Public API
  • Diagnostics tools (display document table, display network log)
  • In-app contact forms

New Features:

  • Added support for moving and scaling geometry using hand gestures
  • Added support for moving scene with orthographic and planar constraints
  • Document table (geometry, layers, text, materials) can be saved to a device and loaded without requiring a connection to Rhino
  • Added soft restart feature
  • Added support for short hand rays for modelling applications
  • Added Layers slate for editing Rhino layer table on device
  • Added Parameters slate for editing Grasshopper parameters (sliders, buttons, toggles and value lists) on device
  • Generate Fologram QR codes with positional data using the FologramQR command
  • Automatically correct model drift using two or more positionally encoded QR codes
  • Native support for streaming curve geometry from Rhino and Grasshopper
  • Stream and interact with grasshopper parameter components to mixed reality devices using the Sync UI component
  • Stream and interact with grasshopper geometry using the Sync component
  • Stream device table in grasshopper


  • HoloLens UI: Replaced Gaze interaction with Hand Rays
  • HoloLens UI: Added support for near field interaction
  • HoloLens UI: Replaced radial menu with slates to include descriptive text of menu items
  • HoloLens UI: Added support for transformable menu slates
  • HoloLens / Mobile UI: Added contextual notifications (snacks)
  • Rhino UI: Simplified plugin panel
  • Grasshopper: Removed infrequently used input and output parameters on tracking components
  • Grasshopper: Added event filters to tracking components
  • Grasshopper: Removed dependence on timers for all tracking components
  • Track Hands component outputs 25 feature points per hand for HoloLens 2 devices
  • Track Hands component outputs multitouch rays for mobile devices
  • Track Scan component outputs detected surfaces by mobile devices
  • Tracking Aruco Markers and QR codes supported on mobile devices


  • Backface rendering on by default
  • Removed support for shared experiences using Spatial Anchors (shared experiences are created using QR placement)
  • Removed support for Fologram Image Target (replaced with QR codes)