Fologram Beta For Rhino 6 on Mac

Hi Guys,

Fologram looks amazing. I was able to run you mobile app and check examples. Unfortunately I am using Mac and I don’t have Bootcamp installed.
I was wondering if it would be possible to provide a better version of Mac version?

Thank you

Hi @artpen, welcome to our community forum and thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately at this stage we aren’t accepting members to a public testing of the Fologram for Mac beta. We will publicly let our community know when this changes, however currently we are unable to give a timeframe on when this will be.

Currently the best solution for Mac users is to run Rhino for Windows through parallels or bootcamp, and you will be able to work with Fologram.

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Thank you @Sean. Will try to get PC to try it out. Also any plans to support Magic Leap in future?

No problem @artpen, there aren’t any immediate plans to support Magic Leap at this stage.