Fologram for Hololens Floating License System

Fologram for Hololens works on a floating license basis. This means you can attach as many HoloLens, (both Hololens 1 and Hololens 2) as you wish to your account and when a headset is turned on and Fologram launched, it checks to see if any free seats are available. If they are, Fologram will be available for use.

This can be especially useful for organisations with either a large number of headsets, or organisations that have headsets located in different timezones. Take for example a company that had two headsets located in Seattle, and two located in Moscow. Due to the time difference only two headsets are on at any one time. Under this scenario the company would only need to purchase two seats/licenses, instead of four. If the company wanted all four headsets running Fologram at once they would require four seats/licenses to Fologram.

Fologram for Hololens doesn’t class Hololens 1 and Hololens 2 differently, ie either of those headsets would require 1 active seat to run Fologram.

License Server

Fologram requires an internet connection on your headset when running to access the license server. On startup, Fologram in the background will contact the server to see if any free seats are available for use. If there are, the program will continue to run. . If there are not, the you will see a status update stating the same.

Server Cool-down

The Fologram License server operates on a five minute cool-down period. That is, it takes five minute to detect free seats on a account once a headset has been shutdown. Take for example an account that has two seats/licenses and three headsets attached. In the case two headsets are on the third headset would not be able to launch Fologram. If one of the headsets running Fologram is turned off, it will be five minutes before the third headset is able to launch Fologram.

Checking Out/In a seat

A internet connection may not always be available where you are using your HoloLens. To handle this situation you are able to ‘Check Out’ a seat. To do this when you have launched Fologram on the Hololens:

  • Open the main Fologram Menu
  • Go to Settings > Account Management
  • Click on ‘Check out License’

This will give you 30 days of offline use before the need to check the seat back in via an internet connection.

To ‘Check In’ a seat simply click on ‘check in License’ in the same screen

Please note, you need an internet connection to both check out, and check in a seat. Also once a seat is checked out it no one on the account will be able to use that seat until it is checked back in.

Failed Internet Connection/Server Error

In the event that Fologram cannot contact the license server you enter a six day grace period, ie you can continue to use Fologram for up to six days even if you didn’t check out a license seat. At the end of this grace period Fologram will not work until it can contact the license server. If problems persist even with an internet connection, please contact

Please Note, the first time Fologram launches you must have an internet connection, ie the grace period will not apply until an initial connection is made.