Fologram for Rhino

is there a fologram plugin for lower service releases of rhino 5
since rhino sr14 is not compatible with windows 7 and the fologram plugin needs the latest version of rhino 5

Hi Pateli,

Fologram is built on rhinocommon SR12, so you will need a version of Rhino that is built on this version or newer. Common sense would suggest that this would be Rhino 5 SR12 or above, though we haven’t verified that this is the case. What service release are you currently running?

is fologram available for iphone 8 with ios 11.1?
the fologram app keeps crashing on my iphone.
i do have arkit on my iphone but i do not have account for it.

Hi @QiGu, welcome to the forum. Sounds like the problem is most likely caused by your version of iOS. I recommend you update your software to the latest version - this should resolve the crashing you’re having.

thank you very much. trying this now.

Sadly, I am currently running service release 6

Hi Pateli,

Do you know if you can update to SR12? Or update your windows and get the Rhino 6 evaluation?

ya i’ll try to get sr12 but updating windows is now possible now