Fologram Mobile iOS no grasshopper parameters in saved model

Hi team, great work on fologram for Rhino.

Today I played with my first test model and gh parameters on iOS. It worked perfectly. But when I saved the model on the device to check later I realized that the mobile app doesn’t also store the grasshopper parameters.

Am I doing something wrong or you have to be connected to your rhino/gh session at all times to change the saved gh parameters?

Thanks again, looking forward to trying fologram on the other platforms (oculus/hololens)

Hi @Michail

That’s right. When Fologram for Mobile is connected to a Rhino / GH session, we are able to synchronize parameter values between the UI on your mobile and the grasshopper canvas. We aren’t actually doing any of the computation on your mobile device, only streaming parameter values back and forward. Without the live connection to grasshopper to generate some geometry from these parameter inputs the values themselves won’t be much use.

When you save a model to your device in Fologram, we store both the geometry and layer data. So while you can’t work with parametric models offline using Fologram, you could bake the output of the parametric model to a few different layers to at least step through different options without needing a live connection.

Hi Gwyll.

I figured out later it would be impossible without rhino and gh ondevice.
The bake layers trick works for what I want to test for now.

Thanks for the quick reply.