Fologram with Rhino for Film Production

Just wanted to share my recent projects in which i used Fologram to communicate with other members of the team in the film production. Here’s the video where I am talking about it.

Below is the stills from the site with Fologram in practice.

AR makes it so easy for everyone to visualize what we are doing. This way of communication was never possible with construction blueprint and 2D renderings.

AR also helps the designer to communicate his idea with other department, by enabling us to see the set before we start building it. It helps us to decide where we should position the set in the sound stage, to discuss how much space we need behind the set wall, to visualize where the lights are going to be, etc.


This is really great @tomo8177, seems like a really interesting use case for AR with Fologram. Did you get other users on site to download the app so you could experience the model together at the same time? Would love to hear about any other projects you’re planning to use Fologram for!

thanks for your comment. yes, i had a few crew download the app and see the AR with their mobile phone. it worked perfectly and everybody were so impressed, and i was so proud. :slight_smile:

would definitely post here when i have next chance!

just uploaded a quick video showcasing how i made other crew to share the same model using their mobile phones at site.


Awesome video @tomo8177, I especially love the reminder to check your Wifi networks are the same :grin: