German Diaz Task 1

My precedents study is the (Pavilion Number 2 by the University of Mazandaran) which features
a 2D pattern that is constructed using Cardboard tubing. All the tubes are cut the same precise
length and all hang by a steel cable cut to different measurements. If the cardboard tubes where
to change to large polystyrene rectangles and hand cut method using intuition with the
Fologram to guide the cuts free of form. We could speculate that the large polystyrene
rectangles will become faster and imprecise. It also will change the approach and speed to
construct by not using high tolerances and time consuming steps that come with complex
shapes. Large pieces of polystyrene when cut by hand required less tolerance and will cause
the time spent using mixed reality to get lower. Resulting in a change to low tolerance making it
better to interpolation and faster to produce.

Hi @German_diaz04

Your idea reminds me of an installation by Tara Donovan - have you seen it?

It would definitely be well suited to mixed reality fabrication because a) tolerance is built into the design language and there is an expectation that parts will deform during installation and this creates the chiaroscuro and patternation of the surface and b) the geometry of the surface creates all sorts of overhangs and would be difficult to fabricate from 2D projections (e.g. hanging from a grid or following drawings). Instead it needs to be an iterative additive process of placing and deforming parts one by one. This then requires a constant reference to the overall design intent in order to gradually work towards a desirable finished product. I suspect that in the case of the Tara Donovan installation there was no digital model, and the artist completed it ad-hoc herself. There are obvious limitations to this.

Did you get a chance to produce a digital model of your idea and turn it in to a fabrication app? I’d be curious to see what you have in mind.

Also post your other precedent images when you get a chance so we have a shared resource to refer to.

Yes I did see her work! I had this as one of my ten precedents. Yeah I was not to sure “prior week” on what direction and if this design idea could be an option.
Let me pick another one from my list of ten precedents that will work with our limitations. I will be posting an attachment to this.Task One_.pdf (13.4 MB)