Green screen flickering through fologram model


When I have my Rhino model connected to fologram and project the model in AR, there is a green screen /blocks flickering in my model (showing on my telephone).

Any suggestions what is the cause and how to ommit.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @knippie5
Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you let me know what model device you are using?



Hmm you are probably right. When testing with a tablet the green items were not showing…
It was done with a samsung A52s.

How can I see/find, which devices are good/not good to show?
(I noticed the green items are showing when the number of elements is quit large).
When only showing a few items it is going fine.

Is there something I can do so it works fine on the phone aswell?

Many thanks.

We’ve seen this occasionally on some Android models - usually older or cheaper ones, but there doesn’t seem to be a particular rule as to why it occurs on some and not others. Generally, the reason is that the frame rate of rendering doesn’t synchronize with the frame rate of the camera, so there’s nothing to show (and it renders green) - not good! It also can occur when running other intensive processes (such as recording video) that affect device performance.

There isn’t anything to do immediately on your part (although you can try other devices) - though we are working on a fix which will be included in the next release (in a few months).

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Thanks, the update would be very helpfull :+1: