Group A1 Daniel&Karim 11/12/2020

Hey @DanielYu and @thekhayati

Nice work, from the looks of the Miro board you’ve already finished this thing! What’s the plan now? How accurate do you think your approach is? Do you plan to try digitizing the curves to measure this and model joining pieces?

While commenting on SCI-Arc _ Malleable Assemblies / Group B - Hololens Video I suggested that one way to improve the precision of the fabrication process would be to ensure that some segment of each part you are free-forming with the hololens is 2D, so that this can be formed on a flat surface and then fixed to the same surface to hold the part in place while forming the rest of the curve. My hunch is that this would be quite a bit easier than trying to form the whole part in 3D space as you’re doing now, and would improve the precision by allowing you to move around the part and inspect it without having to also hold the part still in place. This would then reduce the risk of introducing kinks from the need to correct over-bending.

Because you’re trying to fabricate large radius bends - have you tried bending over a jig? E.g. a large radius pipe or other curved surface? Or using the section roller?