Group E_Hololens video_11/05/2020

Hey @dharsh95

Thanks for sharing a few videos - apologies that it has taken me so long to comment on the work. The second (youtube) video seems to be private - can you set that one to public so I can take a look?

Have you tried forming these parts with the one (or both) of the ends fixed in place? You could do this by drilling a hole in your block of timber (using the hololens to show you where this needs to be) and threading the styrene through this to hold it in place, or just glue it to the existing structure if it’s strong enough. This would allow you to form the part gradually - getting the start of it right, then the middle, then the end rather than trying to form it all at once. This could work well because quite a few of the parts in your design span between the edges where they can be fixed (rather than between existing parts which is a little more difficult).

Another idea that I’ve suggested to a few other groups (e.g. SCI-Arc _ Malleable Assemblies / Group B - Hololens Video) is to ensure that at least some segment of each part is 2D so that this can be oriented on a flat worksurface and pinned in place while the rest of the part is formed.

You could also use the hololens to place temporary formwork (e.g. blocks of timber cut to different heights) to help minimize movement of the parts during forming.

Are you planning to digitize the model to see how precise it is?