Group E_Hololens video

Hey @dharsh95

Thanks a lot for posting the video, this is really useful for helping me understand your process and techniques. You should check out the General notes from Week 8 as these will be relevant to your group (especially regarding QR code fixing and placement). Check out the feedback on Group C: Hololens Video regarding laying out individual holographic parts to make them easier to use as templates, and also the idea of keeping your material fixed in place while you form it.

Because you’re working from styrene you have it a lot easier than the groups working with metal, and should be able to form parts much more precisely and faster than if you were using soldered steel. For this reason you might want to be more ambitious with the form and number of parts in your design, as you won’t be constrained by a single bend radius or the challenges of soldered joints.

Hey Gwyll,

Thank you for your insights. They were helpful :slight_smile: