Have you built a complex brick wall? Use computer vision in AR to check its accuracy with this helpful guide

Get the example: 2.25_DigitizeBricks.gh (58.4 KB)

Learn how to create a digitized version of any brick wall with this easy to use computer vision tool in augmented reality with Fologram. If you’re looking to check the accuracy of a brick wall, or you’re just interested in learning the basics of computer vision in AR, this is a perfect example to get started with.

Complex rotating brick walls are notoriously hard to fabricate, with each brick aligning to a unique angle or rotation, and checking the accuracy of a build is even harder. This tool will give you the power to create a digitized version of any brick wall with a tap of your finger, and is perfect for checking the accuracy of brick wall projects like Fologram’s collaboration with Allbrick.

The tool works by tracking any Aruco markers in your devices vision, and recording their location in space, and aligning a digital brick each tracked position. Simply align your tracking marker to an edge of a physical brick, tap on your device to create a digital brick, repeat, and watch as an augmented preview of the brick wall appears in AR before your eyes. This information is sent straight back to your grasshopper document, where you can check the accuracy against your digital model.

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